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    The internet is on fire with reports MTV Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has filmed a sex tape. Tons of celebrity blogs and gossip sites are reporting the Farrah sex tape was possibly made with adult star James Deen. Details around this celeb exposed sex tape are still very limited and new news is breaking every hour. One thing is for certain if there really is a Teen Mom Farrah Abraham sex tape you will find it here first!

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  • They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and they could very well be talking about this curvaceous porn star’s butt. Alexis Texas, as she’s known in the adult world, is only too eager to show off that big ass of hers, and in that respect she’s not so far removed from the stars of the big screen. She might want to think about firing her acting coach, however, as her attempts at that ‘come hither’ look so popular amongst the celebrity set sadly falls flat, resembling more of an I’m-going-to-murder-you-as-you-sleep glare than the sultry stare she’s aiming for. As for her performances, many men find her irresistible, as evidenced by the XXX reviews that sing her praises, but then again, many men find any naked woman irresistible. When it comes right down to it, talent is in the eye of the beholder, so you’ll have to watch this blonde porn celebrity do her thing and decide for yourself.

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  • From prom queen to top webcam sex performer, Barbie has risen through the ranks like the natural born porn starlet she is. She may not be a regular celebrity, but with her self-assured attitude and her perfect sculpted body, she looks and acts the part. Much like the real stars of movies and television, the most important thing about top live cam performers is their ability to entertain, and to those who can’t get close to the red carpet crowd, Barbie offers an authentic star experience…porn star experience, that is. That makes her at least as much of a celebrity as Paris Hilton, now doesn’t it?

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