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  • Brazen exhibitionist Lucy Channing is in a flasher class of her own

    Lucy Channing's brazen public pussy flashingThere’s something about exhibitionist chicks that’s hard to beat when it comes to arousal factor. We love those hot babes that like to flash their pussies or go completely topless at the beach, and the horny hoes who masturbate in their back yards are a massive turn-on. But every once in a while you come upon a girl who’s serious about showing her wares in public—the more daring the display, the more satisfying—and Lacy Channing is one such. This bold babe enjoys flaunting her naked twat wherever and whenever there’s a chance someone might catch a glimpse of it, but her favorite venue is the mall,, where she flashes her hot stuff for the masses. Pantiless, Lacy spreads her legs as she rests on a bench and hikes her dress up as she squats in the concourse. Then it’s off to the escalator to bestow hot naked upskirts upon anyone lucky enough to be on the steps below her. There’s no doubt, when it comes to daredevil acts of nudity, Lucy Channing’s brazen public pussy flashing definitely puts her in a class of her own.

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